Acme consulting; Mcdonalds Marketing Plan

Executive Summary

Acme consulting; this is a consulting company which mainly specializes in the marketing of the product with high technology in the international markets. The company is an expert in market research and personal computers in the entire national market.

  • Situation Analysis

Acme consulting provides the expertise of high level to the international development of high technology business, distribution strategies, channel development as well as marketing the products of high tech. It mainly aims at offering two types of international triangles. One is to provide the clients in the United States with the Latin American and European development markets and two, offering the clients in European with development for the Latin American and United States Markets.

The main aim of the company is to continue taking the consulting work to markets which are related and to be specific, Latin America together with the other places such as far East. Acme consulting, on the other hand, will look into additional leverage through having representation positions and brokerage positions with the aim of creating percentage holdings on the result products.

2.1. Market Summary

The company aims at manufacturers of computers with high technology software and hardware, networking and services who require to sell in the Europe, Latin America and United States markets. These are the main large companies or medium-sized ones.

The very main customers comprise of large corporation executives who are sales managers, general managers as well as marketing managers who have the responsibility of focusing on a specific channel, market, and international focus. These executives would not want a situation they are risking losing money or wasting time searching for questionable expertise or bargaining information. The executives are very much sensitive on risking the reputation and company’s name as they get into the market to search for new opportunities (Ruef, 2002, p74-95)


2.1.1. Market analysis


The very important segments in the market comprise of the high technology large manufacturers of products like Hewlett- Packard, Apple, Siemens, Olivetti, and Microsoft. The companies will always call Acme for the development functions which are essential spun off as compared to the managed in the house for market forums and market research (Palo 2006).

Companies with the growth of medium size: Especially the multimedia, software and other related growth fields, Acme always will provide very attractive developments alternative to the management constrained companies or those that are not in a position to address new market opportunities and segments in the new market (Poulfelt, 1997, 65-70).

The table below shows market analysis for the company

Potential customer Growth 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 CAGR
US  High Tech 10% 5,000 5,500 6,050 6,655 7,321 10.00%
European High Tech 15% 1,000 1,150 1,323 1,521 1,749 15.00%
Latin America 35% 250 338 456 616 832 35.07
Other 2% 10,000 10,200 10,404 10,612 10,824 2.00%
Total 6.27% 16,250 17,188 18,233 19,404 20,726 6.27%


2.1.2. Market Trends

The company benefits from some of the market trends;

There is a trend of internationalization. The coming up of the internet has led to direct communication in the large world with manufacturers. Europe, for instance, has been able to create a unified major market for real. On the other hand, Latin America is growing and healthy while Asia, even though it had setbacks recently, it is a very good market. The potential client base, as well as manufacturers,  requires moving into the new market and expanding.

Communication technology has been an explosion in the new industry. Due to the internet, the communication technology growth of items has been explosive. The network cards, connectors, modems, cables, routers, and communication software are growing with a rate of 35% in every year. The margins, however, are not very much great in the standard categories of hardware though there is enormous growth (Mintzberg et al, 2005, p1).

There is a trend in consulting, contracting and management of ad hoc. Even big companies and businesses are very frequently turning to temporary expertise other than fixed and permanent cost employees. There are new applications which are the latest for the ‘scalable’ buzzword. Acme consulting is, therefore, an attractive alternative when it comes to the clients as we offer variable economic advantage vs. the fixed costs as well as overhead and a growing liability for taking on employees for a long time period.

2.1.4. Market Growth

The association of the US in market consultants has reported a growth of 30% in the average revenue in the consultants which focus on the high tech marketing of products. Acme consultants is a subset of the said market mainly due for the higher growth ever as compared to the mainstream(Mills et al, 1995, p 17-49). The industry dealing with local electronics in California has reported a trend on solutions of additional consulting just like the manufacturers convert onto the solutions of variable cost.

The industry associations in Europe and Japan show that the overall growth in the interest while moving to the new markets is seen to be very phenomenal. The growth of projects in the new market internationally is more than 100% in every year (Palo 2006).

2.2. SWOT Analysis

This covers the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and also threats. The weaknesses and strengths are internally attributed and may be addressed by changing the business. The threats and opportunities are mainly external.

2.2.1. Strengths

All the principles in this area have true expertise. The experience, as well as expertise, is better as compared to any other person known in this area.

The communication technologies dominance from the user’s view.  Acme consultants have the best website, a File Transfer Protocol which is secure and also facilities comprising of password protection which are involved in receiving and sending documents from customers, automatic links and major bandwidth to train the allies in assisting clients to get the required speed on the offered facilities(Sterne, 2002, p1). It is also possible to have meetings held via the internet with shared visuals and interface.

Acme consultants have a manageable size. There is no need for very large overheads. The clients, however, know the fact that we are in a position to provide whatever we have promised. The bigger consulting houses as well as competition, may build on the major partner structure concerned with young associates and selling, with much less experience and consulting delivery (Business Plan Pro.2001).

Contacts are well kept. The experience of many years means there is a lot of contacts, networking, and marketing through word of mouth.

2.2.2. Weaknesses

Resources for marketing are a major challenge. Now that we are a group, we tend to be very good at making sales directly. However, the required resources in doing general marketing sometimes are inadequate. We, therefore, rely on word of mouth as the main way to generate leads (Sodhi &Tang, 2001, p 40-48).

Without having staff, it is not possible to leverage people in developing presentations and documents, detailed research as well as complete the blank spaces. We have inadequate support staff to handle the email, fax, and telephones from our clients.

Our brands. In most cases, McKinsey or Booz Allen is a better purchase for executives in that there is no single person who was fired because of hiring IBM.  We are very new in the market and we may be seen as very innovative hence a risky choice.

2.2.3. Opportunities

Growth of the internet. Most of the companies nowadays are being forced into marketing worldwide without an option. The rates of growth are much higher and also obvious opportunities.

Market growth internationally. Latin America and Europe are very much booming. Asia is recovering though it was suffering. The manufacturers are therefore very much anxious waiting to take their very new technologies to the new markets across borders (Soriano, 2003, 409-416).

The red tape which is growing is involved with employing full-time workers mainly internationally at the level of executives.

2.2.4. Threats

Internet is an opportunity and also a threat. Our very expertise involves managing several markets, crossing borders and therefore the solved problems are reduced when it comes to their importance through the information growing availability(Soriano, 2001,p40-48). For instance, software companies in the recent past charged very huge premiums for available software in smaller markets through the customers currently are very likely to observe the prices available elsewhere and make a decision to purchase through the net.

The branded and large competition is slowly recognizing our area. Nowadays they have started competition in our area and therefore we are not left alone as they have recognized the niche (Alio & Fahey, 2012)


New competitors are coming up in the new market especially now that the European market has grown; the major competitors in the area are very much significant.

2.3. Competitor analysis

The main element in the decision of purchase made at the level of Acme client is trust in the reputation of the profession and the consulting firm reliability. Competition is in various forms.

One, the very much significant competition involves no consultation. The companies which choose to start development of business, make in house market research and channel the development (Fletcher, Crawford, 2010, p25). Their managers are involved in this privately which is part of their business functions. The key advantage which we hold onto in the in house development is the fact that managers are very much full of responsibilities. The managers lack time to undertake new market responsibilities and also the development of new channels. The Acme may approach the channels, vendors, and alliances on a confidential basis to make the initial contacts and gather information in ways (Palo 2006).

Second is the prestige of high-level management consulting. These can be said to be generalists who obtain a management consulting name brand on specialty areas. Their weakness which is very much important is structure management which has the partners being involved in selling jobs. The inexperienced associates are also involved in work delivery. We, therefore, compete against these individuals as experts in certain fields with a guarantee that the clients will have atop level people performing the actual work.

The third is the research company in the international market. The companies are said to be formidable competitors in the market research published as well as market forums though they do not offer high level consulting as Acme could be able to offer(Poulfelt, 1994, 421-436).

Other types include smaller house market specific like Japan’s Nomura research and the brokering, deal catalysts and sales representation which are an ad hoc business.

2.4. Organizational capabilities

Acme provides services of expertise in channel development, market development channel distribution, packaged and sold in several ways which give way for the clients to select the relationship preferred. These include the consulting of retainer relationships, project-based alliance brokering and relationships, market representation and sale representation, market research which is project-based, information forum events and also the market research which is published (Groß, & Kieser, 2006, p 69-100).

3.0. Market strategy

This is also known as focus. The Acme consulting strategy aims at focusing on a certain expertise area where we are a group which is strong just like other groups in the world. Acme consulting comprises of true experts in coming up with new products in technology, mainly in the distribution channels (McKenna,  2012, p 153).

Acme, therefore, intends to focus on 3 geographical markets which are Latin America, Europe, and the United States. We aim at reduced product segments like software, personal computers, telecommunications, technology integration, personal organizers among other products. The customers targeted are mainly the larger corporation managers and sometimes the owners of the corporations which are medium sized in a period of high growth.

3.1. Target Markets

We should focus on thousands of potential customers who are well chosen international markets (Lesson notes) such as in Europe, Latin America and the United States. The high tech companies involved in manufacturing are the major customers for Acme consulting.

3.2. Strategy Pyramids

Acme consulting strategy is to focus on the expertise area. We have much competition emanating from the international market as well as expertise in the product introduction. However, nobody is in a position to match our status if only we remain focused on the introduction of products of high tech on channels of international markets.

Some of the tactics we use in making it real include the best work quality, marketing based expertise and the fact that we are mainly using the very new technology on international communication

3.3. Marketing Mix

The marketing mix is usually placed together

3.3.1 Product

The very important aspect is when menu items are being offered to the potential customers, there is a large choice for the potential customers to select from in relation to the way they intend to make use of their money and where. Mcdonalds, therefore, place much emphasis on having a menu which the customers would want.  The requirements by customers, however, change with time. Whatever seems nice today could be discarded later on. Marketing monitors the preference of the customer continuously. So as to meet the changes, Mc Donalds has come up with products which are new and also phased out the old ones. This will continue to happen. However, care must be taken not to affect the existing sales by coming up with an option that will cannibalize the sales.

  1. Company Objectives
  2. We want to make ourselves experts. This is to mean that we are quoted in the trade press, gain recognition and speak in the industry events.
  3.  Should have a brand name to reference our clients. We need three brand names to always cite to the clients to be in a position to reference using a name and phone number for contacts.
  4.  Require having at least a client in each region. In the United States, Asia or Latin America and also In Europe.
  5. We should have a net sale 10% and above by the end of three years.

6.0. Economic evaluation

Our plans are to have sales close to $600,000 by the end of the year which should grow to $1.8 million in 2015, on the expenses on marketing which is more than $200,000 an approximate value of 35% sales. Our marketing expenses of about $500,000 will be 25% of the sales made (Proctor, 2013, p1).

The plan assumes two trends which are very essential. One is the steady decline in the sales cost and growth in the percentage gross margin as we tend to build several resources to be fixed costs and full-time personnel other than outside consultants and contractors.

Second is the reduction in marketing expense like the sales percentage. The projected figure of 35% is quite high such that we are coming up with a reputation as well as marketing even without the leverage of initial marketing, where we start from 0 (Palo 2006).

7.0. Marketing Implementation and control

On the action plan, we project the marketing expenses and sales to increase times two from $215,000in the first year to about $480,000 in the fifth year (Acme Insurance,2010, p1).  This is in relation to the sales increase over the same period three field. We, therefore, hold a belief that effective marketing needs a higher percentage of marketing and sales expenses to the sales in the first years together with the time at which we may be in a position to reduce the percentages to a lower level which is acceptable. The graph below shows the marketing expenses for the year 2005.


(Acme Insurance,2010)


8.0. Control Mechanisms

This plan is for changing the business, implementing and making it best. It is not worth anything if in any way not implemented. Some of the implementation programs include contingency planning involved in increasing the traffic of the internet website as well as the need for website marketing. The marketing organization is a department that maintains the professional integrity beyond and above specific partners while looking into the goals of marketing and implementing the programs of marketing as it fits the strategy.


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Lesson notes. Technology and Contemporary environments researching international; markets

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