E-Learning in Bachelor of Education

With the introduction of programs that facilitate further education by adults, it has become possible for grown ups to study professional courses that they may have had no chance to study. This has however been quite difficult considering that they may need to attend classes and work at the same time. To reduce the cumbersomeness and tiredness that may be associated with this, an e-learning program could be proposed for them to study at their own convenience. This has been proved to have more advantages than disadvantages. Similarly, it will enable them handle both tasks conveniently without having to compromise on the importance of one for another. In Kenya, many universities offer crash programs for teachers during the holidays. For instance, Nairobi University has had the School base program that trains teachers for higher education levels during holidays. This has caused most of them to be overwhelmed by both tasks of teaching and studying during holidays with very minimum time to relax their minds. However, many have opted to stay since it is a requirement for expected promotions and advanced lectures. Therefore, introduction of e-learning would do more harm than good. To evaluate the extent that the new method may affect the bachelor of education in the university, it is vital to determine the effects/benefits of e-learning. This paper is aimed at giving a preview of the effects of the program in assessing its effects in the school.

Effects of E-Learning in Bachelor of Education

Enhance Flexibility

E-learning involves the study at a person’s convenience provided the deadlines are met. Similarly, it will require that the students using the method maintain their interaction with the instructor to ensure they are at par with the syllabus (Musangi, 2007). As earlier discussed, the school based program is taken up during holidays when teachers wishing to further their knowledge and tutor higher levels are taught and educated to acquire the necessary skills. It is therefore not flexible since at times it collides with the normal program of the full time students at the university. It also limits the time the teachers would have relaxed when the schools are closed. These are effects that are not favorable to both their lecturer at the teachers who at the time are the students. Besides this, it does not allow for any other time of study since this has to be done at the university’s convenience.

Therefore, with the introduction of the new system, it will be possible for the students/teachers to complete their course in a way that is more flexible. Rather than wait for the holidays, they will study at manageable intervals with instructions from the lecturers. The holidays will be used for other purposes by both parties due to the even distribution of the coursework. Provided the necessary equipment is available for completion and submission of the assignments, the learners will be in a better position to study more flexibly and better their understanding and effectiveness. Therefore, the introduction of the system is positive in terms of flexibility. The institution will not have to accommodate the students for study but will receive their assignments from wherever they are (Musangi, 2007). This is undoubtedly a positive influence that should encourage the recommendation of the system.

Reduced Movement

This is partly similar to the discussed function of flexibility which does not necessitate the regular movement of students and staff from their residential areas to the classrooms (Kruse, 2004). Researchers have shown that in third world countries like Kenya, traffic has been a major issue that leads to so much valuable time that could be spent in other economic and general activities wasted on the road. For instance, Nairobi University in Kenya is situated just after the city centre where many roads leading to the place are congested and experience too much traffic. As a result, the extreme movement may have adverse effects on the concentration of the students especially during the school based program which is done in a hurry due to the minimum time allocated for completion of the course.

With the introduction of e-learning, there will be no wastage of time on the roads by students. This is because the lessons will be taken at locations that the learners deem fit and with a learning environment. Without maximum concentration, it is quite tricky for the students to understand better. It is therefore a clear indication that the e-learning system is a positive strategy towards reducing movements. More time will be spent doing constructive work beneficial to individuals and their set targets. It is therefore a positive influence in the school based program in general since the response to the notes by the lecturers will be more satisfying.

Saves on Labor

Aside from the movement reduced, labor is the most significant resource that the university will be able to save (Carey, and Blatnik, 2005). The introduction is done on the assumption that all the students are capable of carrying out their own research to understand the notes by the instructor. This then eliminates the necessity of detailed explanation that would be done during class sessions. This is because physical presence in lecture halls would demand that the lecturer in detailed form explains the concepts which would be more time consuming considering the little time allocated. The e-learning program on the other hand allows the students to ask questions on their own without having to involve the rest of the members who probably have the necessary information. Secondly, one tutor can take the whole group since instructions are delivered individually and incase of any difficulties, the individuals can do the same individually. Therefore, instead of paying many lecturers, the university may heavily invest on one which may not be as expensive. Therefore, it is important to note that this is still an advantage that will be obtained from e-learning introduction. Both parties are at an advantage in terms of labor cost and transport costs for students.

Enhances Research

Where students have to study under instructions from a teacher, there is limited or no research carried out. This is due to the fact that the teacher is likely to give all the necessary details. This is also the assumption in cases where the teacher gives less, since most people believe more in themselves when they are directly coached. Where the teacher is not present, the innovative desire of the students and willingness to learn more is very evident. Students tend to feel that they need to do more than they have in order to maintain the pace of their tutor. It also gives them morale since they realize that all the knowledge applicable is their own except the instructions and guidelines that the tutor may have availed.

Therefore, introduction of e-learning in the institution is a determinant of the level of research that the students taking the school based program will be able to take. Having more time than the regular study, they will create time for the research and learn more on the topics. It is also possible that they may opt to know more than is just described in the course. The students therefore become innovative and well equipped with information from most areas of their study and others that relate to them. Similarly, their application of the acquired knowledge will be more intense than a group that has attended full lectures with full or most information given by the tutors. The most significant and satisfying effect is the satisfaction that they get for having completed a course individually. As earlier discussed, the involvement of a lecturer in this course is minimal. It is therefore evident that the student shave tutored themselves throughout the course with the lecturer as the guideline of what the course entails. For the university, this is as far as the positivity of the course goes. It will produce quality and highly demanded teachers due to the skills they possess, unquestionable ability to research and high level of confidence, which research has shown are admirable qualities of a teacher.

Eliminates the Crash Program

It is worth mentioning that the holiday program taken up by the school based is referred to as the crash program. This is where they will squeeze the described education course for a certain period in one month where the students have most likely taken a break for their holidays. As mentioned before, this is not healthy for the students/teacher since they lack the necessary rest recommended and are more likely to concentrate less. Poor concentration is as good as failure to attend the lectures. Similarly, the reaction of the students to the guidelines will be less positive as would be were there is ample time to focus on the study.

This will no longer be necessary if the school allows for the introduction of e-learning for the school based teachers. The program will be eliminated and time set aside for rest faster the school closes will be used for that purpose. The crash program which is a reflection of its actual nature will be less of a bother for the lectures and those who participate. Therefore, the university should be able to notice the role that this new system will play towards effecting their learning and comfort for every student. This is because the mission should not only be the completion of the Bachelor of Education course. It should be mostly towards provision of quality education that will represent their culture and beliefs. Without any doubt, this is very achievable with the adoption of e-learning.

Reduces Costs

This is a direct economic benefit of e-learning adoption by Nairobi University for the school based program. Aside from the costs discussed above relating to payment of lecturers, the students will also be able to save up on fees that would have been paid to cater for the tutors and the possible transport costs the would send in a daily basis to access the university for lectures (Vilaseca, and Castillo, 2005). Most students of the school based programs are employed teachers in public schools who further their education fro various reasons. With possible obligations, the system will have helped them since the money can be used for other purposes. In most classes in the university, it is clear that they use manual system t deliver their assignments, thus incurring costs such as printing and dealing with many papers in delivering assignments. The program reduces such costs sine assignments are delivered by the internet to the lecturer without having to spend o papers and printing. With this kind of efficiency, the institution is likely to enroll more students for the same due to the flexibility and minimum costs.


Being in a third world country, Nairobi University has had more challenges in effecting their study programs. The paper should be in apposition to clarify what it stands to benefit with the introduction of electronic learning that will favor most students and the university as well. It will be simpler where less paper work is required and efficient interaction between the students and the teachers is possible. Also, the speed that has been observed among the school based teachers is overwhelming for both parties. Ability to study at own convenience with manageable deadlines is a plus to the system. With the consideration of all the aspects mentioned, it is more piratical that the university makes plans and adjustments to their system to ensure the method can be adopted as soon as possible.




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